How to Become One of the Safest School Districts in the Nation

As school shootings become a cold fact of life in the United States, it is usually top-of-the-line security devices that are heralded as the best defense. While high-priced body scanners, bulletproof doors, surveillance cameras, and gunfire detectors can help save lives during a school terrorist attack, experts say prevention efforts are best for limiting future bloodshed.

“One of the best ways to prevent school shootings is by schools being involved in their community,” says David Wood, a teacher in the Radnor Township School District (RTSD), named one of the year’s safest school districts in America by Niche, a website that analyzes academic, neighborhood, and student life data.

“A school can have the most sophisticated safety measures in place and still not be truly safe,” says Wood, president of the Radnor Township Education Association (RTEA). “We work really hard to develop supportive relationships where community members feel comfortable sharing concerns about students, educators, and school safety.”